Episode 14: The one with Jason Cahoon


In this episode we are joined with Jason Cahoon, Site Reliability Engineer at Google. Jason talks with us about all things Google and the DiRT framework (aka Chaos Engineering), from the massive amount of coding happening at Google to experiments reinforcing the value of DiRT itself (plus get the dirt on the DiRT curse!).

Jason Cahoon

Jason is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google and has worked on Google’s DiRT Program and RPC Fault Injection tools since 2016. Aside from writing software and analyzing technology systems, he enjoys woodcarving, spending time with his dogs, yoga and being bad at chess.

Keywords and phrases

chess, digging up dirt, essays, Google, search engine, Mountainview, the Valley of Heart’s Delight, orchards, fruitcakes, DiRT framework, rules of engagement, transparency, surprises, war room, humanistic effect, the DiRT curse, pain as an alert-mechanism

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