Episode 15: The one with Cat Swetel


In this episode we are joined with Cat Swetel, who is a fully vaccinated technology leader. Cat talks with us about devops, feminism, and how epistemic injustice correlates to Continuous Verification.

Cat Swetel

Cat is a technology leader specializing in lean inspired, data-informed coaching for technology organizations. She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEAM as a means of creating possibilities for a more equitable human future based on generative institutions. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys making jokes about Bitcoin, hiking, and reading feminist literature.

Keywords and phrases

devops, metabolism and maintenance, feminism, Mary Parker Follett, Otto, white men in tech, epistemic injustice, tech industry, ironic, management, leadership, knowledgework, digital era, NFTs, cryptocurrency, scarcity, boundaries of safety, near misses, rationality, testimonial injustice, continuous verification, Epistemic Justice League, Simon Wardley, Wardley mapping

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