Episode 13: The one with Amy Tobey


In this episode we are joined with Amy Tobey, Principal SRE at Equinix. Amy discusses with us everything from what an SRE is to whether Chaos Engineering is an advanced practice to the rise of computers.

Amy Tobey

Amy is a full-stack engineer & leader with passion for sustainable systems and people-centered leadership. She enjoys finding the leverage points in socio-technical systems and using them to create change that is safe, effective, and lasting. She does so by combining my interest in the human condition with full-stack expertise in technical systems.

Keywords and phrases

SRE, power dynamics, more money than sense, blame, capitalism, innocent until proven guilty, the Dutch 1629 Charter of Freedom and Exemption, employees empowered, CI/CD, Weizenbaum, AI, ML, computer-driven cars, public transportation, twitter, Chaos Engineering, fiction, Soup Ready to Eat, management books, Search and Replace Engineer, fingerpointing, thrill of the chaos, wild theories, 95 thesis moment, computers rise up and destroy, taking computers down, SocioReconnaissance Engineer, spaghetti & marinara, Equinix Metal, promotion, kubernetes

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