Episode 9: The one with Liz Fong-Jones


In this episode we are joined with Liz Fong-Jones, developer advocate, labor and ethics organizer, and Site Reliability Engineer. She joins in the conversation to discuss observability versus monitoring and how this is critical for Chaos Engineering. Along the way we discuss unionizing software workers, how internet companies handle traffic, and more.

Liz Fong-Jones

Liz is a developer advocate, labor and ethics organizer, and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with 16+ years of experience. She is an advocate at Honeycomb for the SRE and Observability communities, and previously was an SRE working on products ranging from the Google Cloud Load Balancer to Google Flights.

She lives in Vancouver, BC with her wife Elly and a Samoyed/Golden Retriever mix, and in San Francisco and Seattle with her other partners. She plays classical piano, leads an EVE Online alliance, and advocates for transgender rights.

Keywords and phrases

Honeycomb.io, monitoring vs. observability, measuring things, unknown unknowns, high cardinality, LightStep, logging tools, logs, metrics, sensor data, socio-technical system, Vancouver, Verona, Straits of Georgia, Wobblies, IWW, Everett Massacre, Unionizing Software Engineers, coworker fund, coworker.org, Traffic SRE, Google, Outage in July 2018, Project Maven at Google,

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