Episode 10: The one with Andy Fleener


In this episode, we are joined by Andy Fleener, Platform Operations Manager at SportsEngine, and contributing author to Chaos Engineering: System Resiliency in Practice.

We discuss his chapter on humanistic chaos and how we can apply Chaos Engineering to human systems. This leads to other subjects such as Andy’s affinity for humans and how humans approach problems and his preference for salty nut rolls versus peanut brittle.

Andy Fleeder

Andy is a Humanist, Systems Thinker, New View Safety Nerd, Sr. Platform Operations Manager at SportsEngine, DevOps Days MSP Co-Organizer.

Keywords and phrases

systems of systems, organizational signals, salty nut rolls, Keanu Reeves, buffet line metaphor, human systems, safe systems SportsEngine, Westrum, Fleener’s Law, Gerard’s Law, prohibition, Yacht Club, pop culture, guarding unknown unknowns

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