Episode 1: The one with Nora Jones


Our special guest Nora Jones and our host Casey Rosenthal are the two authors of O’Reilly’s Chaos Engineering: System Resiliency in Practice, the definitive book on the subject. We ask Nora about learning from incidents, how to facilitate a healthy Chaos Engineering program, the path that led to her writing this book with Casey, how her thinking has changed over the years, and her startup Jeli.

Nora Jones

Nora Jones is the cofounder and CEO of Jeli. She is a dedicated and driven technology leader and software engineer with a passion for the intersection between how people and software work in practice in distributed systems. In November 2017 she keynoted at AWS re:Invent to share her experiences helping organizations large and small reach crucial availability with an audience of ~40,000 people, helping kick off the Chaos Engineering movement we see today. Since then she has keynoted at several other conferences around the world, highlighting her work on topics such as Resilience Engineering, Chaos Engineering, Human Factors, Site Reliability, and more from her work at Netflix, Slack, and Jet.com. Additionally, she created and founded the www.learningfromincidents.io movement to develop and open source cross-organization learnings and analysis from reliability incidents across various organizations.

Key words and phrases:

Fernicus. Indiana Jones. Gamewell Firealarm telegraph system. Companies such as Jet, Walmart, Slack, Netflix, and Jeli. Humans. Lund University. Facilitation. Envoy. Comfortable studio shoes.

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