Episode 0: The one with Nathan Aschbacher


Introducing the first contributing author from Chaos Engineering: System Resiliency in Practice in our series on the book, Nathan wrote Chapter 17: “Let’s Get Cyber-Physical.”

Nathan’s company validates execution paths for autonomous vehicles and other large machines so that they don’t execute humans. There is a reason that we chose Nathan for Episode 0. Some might say that particular integer has no value.

Nathan Aschbacher, CEO, Auxon Corporation

Nathan’s introduction to programming was through generating programs for CNC machines where overlooked edge cases resulted in mangled heaps of metal, expensive broken tools, and significant production delays. The lasting impression of catastrophic failure has driven Nathan’s decades long fascination with mission critical software & systems. Always chasing the next challenge, Nathan has been fortunate to design global distributed data platforms for Fortune 500 enterprises, critical infrastructure for global payments processing, and autonomous vehicle platform middleware. Now, through his co-founding of Auxon Corporation, Nathan is leveraging Rust to bring powerful engineering automation tools to developers of complex, highly-connected, highly-automated critical systems. Most recently Nathan has been published as a contributing author in O’Reilly’s “Chaos Engineering: System Resiliency in Practice

Key words and phrases:

Probe effect. Autonomous Vehicles. Nietzsche. Plural of “ox.” Soda jerk. Continuous Verification. Chaos Engineering.

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