Episode 5: The one with Crystal Hirschorn


In this episode, we experience a royal reception with Crystal Hirschorn, the Director Of Engineering at Snyk, to talk about chaos engineering and how to put those practices to work in organizations of any size. Crystal shares advice with us on how to get VP’s and others on board with chaos engineering, which looks quite different from bringing engineers along on the journey.

Throughout the conversation you will see how chaos engineering has matured from the early days of Chaos Monkey from Netflix and how it is in practice at some of the largest organizations across the globe. Crystal discusses how resilience engineering moves from academia and can be put into practice in real organizations. It helps us understand socio-technical systems and how they come into play when we write software.

Crystal Hirschorn

Crystal Hirschorn is Director of Engineering at Snyk, and was previously at Condé Nast and the BBC where she led teams dealing with resilience engineering and online technical strategy, including BBC News elections events, including the last general election, which served more than 65 million requests in a 24-hour period, with traffic peak at 3.2 million concurrent requests.

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