Episode 3: The one with Julie Gunderson


In this episode Julie explains how communication fits in your DevOps (and Chaos Engineering) efforts and she dissects the misuse of ITIL and root cause thinking as challenges to building a learning organization. After hearing her talk The Psychology of Chaos Engineering at DevOpsDays Raleigh, we knew she had to come on the show. Julie explains how to approach digital and cloud transformations as well as delivers some hilarious one-liners, making this a show to remember.

Julie Gunderson

Julie Gunderson is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty, who has advocated DevOps best practice methodologies over the last six years. Along with advocacy, in her past role Julie was responsible for building partnerships with the major clouds. Julie loves working with people, advocating best practices, and building relationships. Julie is a founding member and organizer of DevOpsDays Boise, and an organizer of DeliveryConf. When Julie isn’t working she is most likely making jewelry out of circuit boards, or traipsing around the mountains in Idaho.

Keywords and phrases

Incident Response Management, Postmortems, ITIL, Full-Service Ownership, Dependencies, What could go wrong?, alert tuning, human error, root cause, bears

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